Tutorial on Spot Works

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Following the creation of my ‘Spot’ works, I had a tutorial with my studio tutor in which we discussed the effectiveness of these works as means of displaying my investigation, as well as a means of processing the data found from the investigation into new forms.

I was very happy with the outcome of these works, but was unsure of their validity as a connection to the investigation of the colours of the retail environment. I wanted to quantify colour, and manipulate the data found further rather than a simple presentation of such for my final display. I was interested in colour relationships, and how these could be used to define a sense of space and place, with a connection to where the photograph was taken.

When meeting with my tutor, he stated that he though the ‘Spot’ works were interesting in their use of colour, however evoked constellations and night-skies rather than any sort of investigation or allusion to commodity culture and retail space. As such, he suggested going back to look at the block colours I had previously collected from the investigation, and thinking of ways to explore block colour further, with an emphasis on displaying a large number of colours in order to display the exhaustiveness of the investigation.

In my future work, I want to look again at ways of presenting block colour, and ways of presenting these alongside my spreadsheets which I feel are needed to be shown in some format within the presentation of the final work.

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