Square Position Works

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oracle im 3326 squares

Inspired by the colour relationships and composition of the work of Joseph Albers, I have decided to create my own square works, which show colour relationships between pulled colours from my spreadsheets. Each one of these colours comes from an original photograph, and the placement and relationship of the colours denotes where about the photograph was taken. The squares act as an incredibly simplified visual map, whereby I have plotted my point when the photograph which denote the colours used were chosen. Thus, a series of these shows my travels around the shopping centre, as the dot (myself) travels in relation to the larger square (chosen area of the shopping centre). Inspired by the colour relationships used in my earlier Spot works, I wanted to use these different relationships in order to explore ways of denoting the location further; as such, each colour connection means a difference within my situation of the site. For example these are the colour relationships which denote the different spaces of the Oracle Reading:

  • Colour pulled from Spreadsheet – Square denoting where I am
  • Complimentary colour – Background
  • Monochromatic – Upper Mall Walkway
  • Analogous – Upper Mall
  • Split Complimentary – Lower Mall
  • Tridaic – Riverside

The colour relationship between the smallest square (myself) and the larger square (the space), shows which part of the mall I was in at each time taking each photograph. I have split the The Oracle into several spaces, in order to keep each space within the shape of the perfect square. I wanted a square, over a direct floor plan, as I like the act of discovery, and the way in which the viewer would need to refer to the orginary spreadsheet in order to tell my whereabouts within the mall, and therefore be pulled from a purely aesthetic experience of colour, into one of administrative confusion.

Above is the process of creating the Square works. I take the original photograph, plot my point upon the store map, and then transfer this, using the colour relationships as detailed above, in order to create the finished work.

I am very happy with the outcome of these works, however with my above experiments I changed the composition slightly of the main square within each work. I feel if displayed in a series, but all denoting the same space this may look messy, therefore taking inspiration from Albers, if I were to develop this work further, I would keep a consistent composition of the larger square, so only the position of the smaller dot would change, and the viewer could map a sense of travel around the space. I would like to develop these works further, as I think I would like to include them within my final display.

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