Formative Assessment Tutorial Feedback

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We had a group crit talking about our works for the Formative Assessment show, and I felt the feedback I received was very informative, and will help aid my future work going forward into next term.

The themes of investigation and research within my work were found interesting, however the methods of display let the conceptual basis of the work down. The work was unexciting, and the methods of viewing the spreadsheet and graphs were uninteresting to the viewer, and therefore missed. As the graphs were only on the laptop, which many people did not interact with, the only physicality of the work existed as the block average colours of each space on the wall. These did not really tell the story of the investigation, and my personal experience with travelling to and from each centre, and therefore lacked a certain reason or intention to the viewer.

Going forward, the studio tutor suggested I focused on creating a material based practice alongside my investigative endeavours, in order to find a basis for displaying my work that exists as an art object, and not purely an image upon a screen that does not tell a story or interact with the viewer in any way. Some of my peers suggested creating a more architectural space, in which I could display the colours of commodity within a new context, exploring the relationships between the two sites due to the inclusion of colour. This is something I am keen to explore.

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