Spreadsheet Update

Summer Assessment 2018, Uncategorized

The plan for the display of my spreadsheets includes a printing of separate individual colour blocks, printings of the photographs themselves, and prints of the Squares which denote the place in which the photograph was taken. As such, I need to see how the spreadsheet itself will fit into the design. Within my previous work last term, I showcased the spreadsheet on the computer, in the format of a powerpoint presentation which looped the different spreadsheets of each shopping centre. I felt that this was unsuccessful, as the exhaustive nature of the project was lost when the wealth of information was not displayed together.

In my final display for this current work, I have not altered the format of the spreadsheet, however I do want to display it in a different way – in its entirety next to the block colours and photographs, so the viewer and see the act of investigation in itself, understanding the way in which the inputting of data, and sorting of such was the ‘art’ of my practice. In addition, I want the viewer to be overwhelmed with information – shocked with the sheer amount of hex values, numbers, sheets of colour – and therefore they understand the potentially endless nature of the project I have proposed. I want the spreadsheets to have a look of administration

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