Artist Research – Damien Hirst

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‘Agaricin’, 1992


‘Five Blacks’, 1993


‘Ceftriaxone’, 2010


‘Diethyl Malonate-1,3-C’, 2007


‘Caproaldehyde’, 2003


‘Ventolin’, 2005

I find Hirst’s exploration into colour in his ‘Spot’ works incredibly interesting. Hirst aschews colour as a means of expression or feeling, but instead of renouncing its existence altogether, he presents colour in a way which appears machine-chosen, away from the expression and opinions of the artist-genius. His works, often deplored for their simplistic quality and large run of over 1400 works, challenge ideas about the role of the art as a commodity, and an object to be bought, rather than a limited piece heralded for original beauty. These works are largely created by his team of assistants, and are hand painted, despite their machine aesthetic. Every aspect that alludes to a semblance of human construction, such as the central compass mark is removed, and as such they give the illusion of being digitally created.

I am interested in the way that the element of skill is evidently present when learning about the construction of the work, however aesthetically is removed in order to create a specific work which is reliant purely on the relationships between colours. I am also intrigued by the way that Hirst never uses the exact same colour twice, and as such every spot is wholly unique, yet renounces the uniqueness of the artistic object as any element of gesture is removed. In my own work, I would like to further explore colour through different forms, and appropriating the colours I found from the mall investigations into a work which would explore them, not as products of research, but rather as unique and whole experiences within themselves is something I would like to look into.

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