Spreadsheet Detailing the Colours of The Shopping Centre, Primary Image Updated Version

Autumn Assessment 2017, Uncategorized

As detailed previously after my tutorial feedback, I decided to switch the focus of my colour investigation from using internet-found secondary images, to using primary images based on my own travels to different retail outlets. My investigation followed rules as follows:

  1. I will visit as many shopping centres as possible.
  2. I will spend at least two to three hours in each shopping centre, more if necessary.
  3. I will take exactly 50 images in each shopping centre, to act as my data set to find my average colour from
  4. These images will be of the architecture of the shopping centre itself, but if a particular object/space/place within the shopping centre takes my interest during the trip I may photograph this.

Here are some example images documented from each shopping centre investigation:

The Oracle, Reading


MacArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Swindon


Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush, London


One New Change, St Pauls, London


After collating these images, I ran them through the se program as before, and foratted this information into

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