Key Quotes – ‘Capital Volume 1’, Karl Marx – Part One

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Chapter 1: The Commodity

“The commodity is, first of all, an external object, a thing which through its qualities satisfies human needs of whatever kind.” – p125

“Exchange-value appears first of all as the quantitate relation, the proportion, in which use-values of one kind exchange for use-values of another kind. This relation changes constantly with time and place.” – p126

“… exchange-value cannot be anything other than the mode of expression, the ‘form of appearance’, of a content distinguishable from it.” – p127

“As use-values commodities differ above all in quality, while as exchange-values they can only differ in quantity, and therefore contain no atom of use-value.” -p128

“A use-value, or useful article, therefore, has value only because abstract human labour is objectified or materialised in it.” -p129

“…the greater the productivity of labour, the less the labour-time necessary to produce an article, and the greater its value.” -p131

“Labour, then, as the creator of use-values, as useful labour, is a condition of human existence which is independent of all forms of society; it is an eternal natural necessity which mediates the metabolism between man and nature, and therefore human life itself.” -p133


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