Artist Inspiration – Timur Si Qin

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I am very interested in the work of Timur Si Qin as he uses the aesthetic principle of retail environments to create his work. His work is distinguished by his own personal branding of the word ‘PEACE’ which permeates each setting, be included on the walls, the plinths and the art objects, in a form of persistent branding that mirrors the retail environments of high-street chain shops today. His use of plinths sit somewhere between coffins and display cabinets, being at once vehicle to display an item from history and an item for sale. I am interested i  his creation of these environments, and how the work creates to be featured in the plinths is completely dependent on the method of display.

I am very interested in the idea of creating my own retail environment, featuring my own personal branding, as a way to display my work as something with the sole purpose of being viewed and sold, in a more overt manner than traditional art. I would like to explore this convergence between the store, the gallery and the studio and create a space whereby all can be experienced at once, in both an overt manner and a deeply disconcerting one.