Artist Inspiration – Ryan Trecartin

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‘Center Jenny’ (2013)


I find Ryan Trecartin’s work endlessly interesting, challenging and disturbing, as he questions the ‘self’ of today, as we become more and more implicated in the realms of the internet. In Trecartin’s ‘Center Jenny’, he creates a manic array of unbelievable characters who have seemingly abstract dialogue which stands alone, even though the characters appear to be having a natural dialogue. He uses fast cuts to travel from character to character, outlining their different actions, which appear foreign and erratic, yet completely relevant to today’s offbeat language of slang, quick replies and bold statements without repercussion. I am particularly interested in the aesthetic of ‘Centre Jenny’, as the characters appear familiar, yet outlandish in their speech and actions, despite the fact that the viewer can relate in some way to the characters, as they use popular slang, and wear modern clothing. They are a version of ourselves to come, if the internet take a full hold on the realms of humanity.

In addition, I am interested in the way that Trecartin uses the idea of the avatar. In ‘Center Jenny’, it becomes apparent that Jenny is multiple characters. Jenny is spread across the bodies of the different characters, but occupies a single personality, the personality of the being evolved from the ethics and images of the internet. I am very interested in this idea combining the internet and the avatar, and would like to explore this further in my own film. In addition, I am interested in the way that the avatar at first appears as a non-entity as the characters appear completely different, however it becomes apparent they are one and the same.

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