Artist Inspiration – Jaakko Pallasvuo

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‘Mask’ (2017)

I am very interested in the films of Jaakko Pallasuvo, and the way he incorporates elements of found imagery with his own filming, to create dynamic and interesting works, wholly informed by the aesthetic turns of the 21st century. I am particularly interested in his film ‘Masks’ (2017), and how in this film he explores both a fictive critical discourse surrounding the view of his practice from the future, as well as debating the use of masks. He states, “Is it’s purpose to disguise, or to further embody, for crime, ritual or both.” Thus the mask is presented as a further embodiment of the subject – an avatar of which to act out one’s desires without the necessary complication of consequence due to recognisation. In addition, the fictional future discourse he has created about himself presents a very interesting position, as he creates a version of self from the point of history, an imagined life in which his art is meaningful and renowned in the world of future humans. I am interested in these strange narrative positions, and would like to explore themes like this within my own film.

In addition, I am also inspired by the aesthetic choices of Pallasuvo’s work, as he employs different moving textures and layers, in an almost animated Photoshop-styled look. I find these aesthetic choices connect well with his subject matter, and lead the audience to enter the realm of the internet-controlled reality which Pallasuvo has created. His use of split screen and layering is also incredibly interesting, as the layers build an almost physical, visceral entity from within the realm of the screen. In my own work, I would very much like to use editing techniques in sophisticated, yet ‘poor aesthetic’, like Pallasuvo, to recreate the visual language of the internet in a moving format.

Pallasuvo’s use of being of sound is also incredibly interesting, as he uses the voices of internet generated speakers to occupy his dialogue, creating an almost post-human response to the use of speech, as speech is taken over by the machine. I have experimented with this use of sound previously within my work, and found it very interesting, however it did not quite work for that film. I would like to experiment with different forms of voice, in order for the voice to be performed by another entity, completely separate, and thus an avatar for the reality of the character’s opinions.

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