Artist Inspiration – Petra Cortright

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DRK PARA (2013)


True Life: I’m a Selfie – (Fake True’s Negativity Remix) (2013) Spring Scrap (2012)




i thot i wuz free (2016)

I am very inspired by the work Petra Cortright and the way she portrays different versions of herself through the lens of a webcam. She uses the devices of the internet and technology, such as the webcam and youtube to create and display her works, which means the language the internet is fully implicated and present within her work. In addition, she uses popular internet tropes, such as the drunk girl on webcam, or the girl in love to present different versions of herself, different avatars, across online. I am particularly interested in the aesthetics of the webcam she uses to create these works, and the realities of these avatars, and would like to experiment with webcams and webcam effects further in the making of my film.

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