Artist Inspiration – Ed Atkins

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‘No One Is More Work Than Me’ (2014)


Ed Atkins is an artist whose work which revolves around the connection of digital technologies and art is endlessly interesting, as explores what it means to be human within the realms of a world dictated by technology. I am particularly inspired by his work ‘No One Is More Work Than Me’, in which he employs a digital avatar to act as himself within an 8 hour performance. In this performance, Atkins addresses the viewer live for 8 hours, but employs a digital avatar to act as the head of the Atkins, and speak to the viewer. He also uses an performer to act as the body of himself, separate from the digitally created head. He has become dematerialised to the audience through the use of the avatar, and becomes just a physical body within the world. This presents interesting ideas about the self in the realm of the world online, as are minds become increasingly focused on the digital, yet our bodies remain aimlessly physical, acting at the impulse of the head and their online desires.


I am very interested in the idea of the avatar, as Atkins has explored a digitised version of himself, alienated from his body, yet still a version of self which exists in a digital reality. I am interested in this idea of a personality split into different realms of media and reality, yet still occupying a body within those realities. In my own work, I would like to explore this use of the avatar, as spanning realities and bodies, yet a prominent personality still resides over them all.

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