Artist Inspiration – Amalia Ulman

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‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014)


‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014)


‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014)


‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014)


‘Excellences & Perfections (2014)


‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014)


‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014)

Amalia Ulman is an artist who uses the internet as a vehicle to present alternative versions of self. In her work ‘Excellences & Perfections’, she creates an avatar, a different personality which her body inhabits, and exhibits their exploits through Instagram over the course of a year. This work plays with ideas of deception as Ulman posed for pictures as her alternative self talking of fake boyfriends, meals and surgery. Her work interacted with the internet as she tried to provide the ultimate online persona – a persona created to obtain online fame. Her works focused on getting likes, follows and reposts, and as such implicated themselves as a deception within real online interactions. I am interested in how she appropriated the conventions of social media to create a character which satirised the hypocrisy and delusion of life online. In my own work, I want to explore creating alternative versions of self, in the style of Ulman, as they appear real and whole characters, which are comments on aspects of personalities within society that already exist.

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