Artist Inspiration – Hans Eijkelboom

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’26 July 2001, Amsterdam, NL, 15.15-17.00′ (2001)


’15 April 2005, Amsterdam, NL, 12.10-13.10′ (2005)


’31 December 2004, Amsterdam, NL, 13.00-14.00′ (2004)


‘9 September 2006, Paris, FR, 11.20-12.45’ (2006)


’21 March 2006, New York City, US, 13.00-14.00′ (2005)


’22 June 1995, Arnhem, NL, 13.20-13.55′ (1995)


I find the work of Hans Eijkelboom endlessly interesting, as he experiments with repetition in the form of repeated subjects making the same personal aesthetic choices. His work features around photographing ‘trends’ on the street, and the subtle differences and similarities between the people that adapt these trends. I find his work humorous, as we are all able to think we are different, or making wholly unique choices, yet inherently  we are following patterns of capitalist production and consumption, buy wearing clothes, that many many others have also chosen to wear. I am interested in the way these people almost act with the ability of a hive mind, travelling within the same area, with the very same clothing – does this link there personalities in any way?

I am also interested in the way that he uses spacing, and repetition presented as a grid. There is something almost mathematical about his work, as he surveys the population in images of very simple, similar ‘street’ style compositions, and allows the viewer to make the connections and read the humour into the work. I want to experiment with repetition in this way, and explore this form of presenting repetition in a way that allows the viewer to pass judgement, without a complicated composition.

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