Mirror Art Inspiration

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Rob Mullholland


‘Vestige’ (2009)


‘Vestige’ (2009)

I am very interested in the work of Rob Mulholland, in particular his ‘Vestige’ project made in 2009. In this project he situated six female and six male figures within the space of a forest in Aberfoyle, Scotland. In this work, Mulholland debates these of space and landscape in relation to humanity, as this area of Scotland was once occupied by farmers, who were moved on during the First World War, as there was a desperate need for timber. The planting and destruction of trees simultaneously altered the landscape with production and destruction, and almost a hundred years later, these effects on the landscape can still be seen. These figures represent the loss of the people that used to occupy the land, and the land is reflected back in to their mirrored forms. They absorb the essence of the forest, and appear almost spectral, as there forms appear transient and subtle within the landscape. I am interested in this use of mirrors as a reflector of an environment and how this shadows yet connects to the envisioned personalities of the mirror people. I am also interested in the use of repetition, and how this acts, as creating mirrored people with a distinctness, yet a sameness within the realm of the natural environment.


Jeppe Hein


‘Mirror Angle Fragments’ (3×60°)


‘Parabola Mirror Labyrinth’ (2014)


‘Mirror Labyrinth NY’ (2015)

I am very interested by the work of Jeppe Hein, and how his installations of mirrors reflect both the landscape and the spectator. In his ‘Mirror Labyrinth’ works, Hein manages to create environments where the self is questioned, as it is confronted by multiple versions of self. I am interested in this duplicity of the subject, and how this alters their self-perception, as well as the representation of themselves as a subject, repeated in the mirrors indefinitely. In addition, I am interested in how the mirrors act as free standing, almost imposing figures, and like Mulholland’s work, implicate space with a presence of the very physical. Even though the mirrors are geometric shapes, I can relate them to human figures in there possession of space and dialogue with the viewer. In my own work, I would like to experiment with mirrors in order to examine these forms of repeated representation.

Yayoi Kusama


‘Infinity Mirrored Room’


‘Infinity Mirrored Room’


‘Infinity Mirrored Room’

I am also inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama and her strikingly beautiful ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ works. These rooms feature a distribution of mirrors that perpetuated the lights in the room into infinitesimal tiny lights, with beautiful colours and an instinct feeling of space which is at once vast and firmly situated within an enclosed space of deception. When the subject enters the rooms they are repeated infinitely, seeing themselves, distorted yet equal as they pass along reflections of themselves, getting further and further away. I am very interested in this form of representation of the self as repeated, yet being removed in a sense of distance. In my own work, I really want to focus on the implications of repetition of the representation of the body and self, and see how this can be performed in a beautiful and touching way like Kusama.


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