Artist Inspiration – Gillian Wearing

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‘Self Portrait as My Mother Jean Gregory’, (2003)


‘Rock ‘n’ Roll 70′, (2015)


‘Secrets and Lies’, (2009)


‘Self Portrait at 17 Years Old’, (2003)

In Gillian Wearing’s works she employs the use of masks in order to disguise her identity, and transform her boy into that of the character, or version of self she is trying to portray. These masks are often of family or celebrity, and as such Wearing is able to act out a section of life in the style of that character – as they act like an avatar for Wearing to enact her fantasies onto. The masks appear unreal, fake and made, so the viewer is conscious that there is someone beneath, a truer self – or a more authentic version of self in the right decade, not envisioning oneself as considerably younger than they are. In my own work, I would like to play upon elements of disguise much like  Wearing, using disguise in order to act as an avatar, with the chance to be someone different for a moment. I will look further into prosthetics the way Wearing does.

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