Initial Artist Inspiration – Vanessa Beecroft

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‘vb60’ (2007)

VB64; Vanessa Beecroft; Deitch Projects


‘vb55’ (2005)


‘vb45’ (2001)


I am highly interested in the way that Vanessa Beecroft uses the body as a medium in her performances, manipulating repetition through the use of works with lots and lots of participants. These participants often appear to stand fairly still or motinless, with apathetic impressions for long periods of time. The models appear often in various states of undress, which allows uncanny contrasts to be made by the viewer, a judgemental process which is wholly unnecessary, and makes us question our perceptions of body image and differences to the perfect norm. I am very interested in how the performances through their use of multiple participants, appear as sculptures as they occupy a true sense of physical space. This gives them an uncanny living presence – somewhere between human and object, that makes the viewer uneasy in their company. Are these women to be regarded as such, or to be treated with the the apathy they give out? I am very inspired by Beecroft’s work, and her use of multitudes of subjects to create a unitary, cohesive object. In my own work, I would like to play upon repetition, and living sculptures in order to make a comment on the similarities and differences of the models.

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