Artist Inspiration – Laura Owens

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‘Untitled’, 2012


‘Untitled’, 2012


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


For my Christmas project, I have been inspired by the work of Laura Owens, and how she manipulates the form of painting through her use of layering. She employs different materials such as screen printing, and contrasts them against traditional painting techniques, such as impasto brushstrokes and an alternative abstract-expressionist aesthetic. I am interested in the planes created by her images, as they debate illusionary space, providing both a sense of flatness inherent to modernist forms of painting, as well as a sense of illusionary space though the strange use of layering and negative and positive space.

In my own work, I would like to experiment with different styles of layering in order to produce an image which has an indefinite, unplaceable sense of space.

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