Painting Artist Inspiration – Amy Sillman

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Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 00.55.20

‘O&N’ (2009)


‘Ich Auch’ (2009)


‘Cliff 1’ (2005)


‘The New Land’ (2005)


‘Bed’ (2006)


I am inspired by the paintings of Amy Sillman, and her interesting use of layering of colour and form. Amy Sillman is part of a new generation of female Abstract Expressionist painters, who employ the previously perceived masculine traits of Abstract Expressionist painting in a form which is considered, and distinctly female. Her tendencies in painting to renounce the idea that canvas is to be utterly flat, is very interesting as she uses layers of different opacities to create a distinct feeling of depth. In addition, she also begins her paintings with ideas, shapes or forms influenced by the body, giving her work a more emotive, and almost sensual aesthetic, that promotes abstract tendencies whilst also having a slight connection to the viewer. In my own work, I would like to explore the use of starting with elements of the body, and then building up layers to further abstract these in the style of Sillman.

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