Painting Artist Inspiration – Amy Sillman

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‘O&N’ (2009)


‘Ich Auch’ (2009)


‘Cliff 1’ (2005)


‘The New Land’ (2005)


‘Bed’ (2006)


I am inspired by the paintings of Amy Sillman, and her interesting use of layering of colour and form. Amy Sillman is part of a new generation of female Abstract Expressionist painters, who employ the previously perceived masculine traits of Abstract Expressionist painting in a form which is considered, and distinctly female. Her tendencies in painting to renounce the idea that canvas is to be utterly flat, is very interesting as she uses layers of different opacities to create a distinct feeling of depth. In addition, she also begins her paintings with ideas, shapes or forms influenced by the body, giving her work a more emotive, and almost sensual aesthetic, that promotes abstract tendencies whilst also having a slight connection to the viewer. In my own work, I would like to explore the use of starting with elements of the body, and then building up layers to further abstract these in the style of Sillman.

Artist Inspiration – Laura Owens

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‘Untitled’, 2012


‘Untitled’, 2012


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


‘Untitled’, 2016


For my Christmas project, I have been inspired by the work of Laura Owens, and how she manipulates the form of painting through her use of layering. She employs different materials such as screen printing, and contrasts them against traditional painting techniques, such as impasto brushstrokes and an alternative abstract-expressionist aesthetic. I am interested in the planes created by her images, as they debate illusionary space, providing both a sense of flatness inherent to modernist forms of painting, as well as a sense of illusionary space though the strange use of layering and negative and positive space.

In my own work, I would like to experiment with different styles of layering in order to produce an image which has an indefinite, unplaceable sense of space.

Painting Artist Inspiration – William Kentridge

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‘Abu Tells The Truth’ (1996-1997)

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‘Casspirs Full of Love’ (1989-2000)

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‘Promised Land’ (2008)

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‘Everyone Their Own Projector’ (2007)

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‘Office Love’ (2001)


My partner researched the artist William Kentridge, stating:

“One artist who has informed my art is William Kentridge. Although his works do not look like mine, they have a similarity in that they both have printed backgrounds. This inspired my work as I thought that the contrast of the foreground and background was very interesting. The backgrounds often have some relevance to the image that is drawn on top.”

She looked into the artist, as she appreciated his use of layering, texture and definite depth within his works, with the perceived separation spacially from the foreground and background. I am also interested in the use of layering in his work, as he employs different formats of text, maps and newspaper pieces layered with illustrations that depict the political history of his native South Africa. I am interested in the way that Kentridge uses different styles of mark-making or illustration on each layer, in order to differentiate the first layer from the last. This presents an interesting sense of depth, that I would like to explore further when considering layering in my own project.