The Filming Process

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Here are some photographs to document the filming process:


When filming, I first set up the scenes by draping fabric across the scenery to form the backgrounds. I wanted to use contrasting textures which would compliment not only each other but also the visceral nature of the fruit, meat or object which was being exhibited in the scene. I used white fur, taupe silk, blue velvet and gold sparkly chiffon to create my scenes and I liked the luxury of these fabrics, which related to the luxury of the home in the story. I was also interested in the way light affected these various materials, as they all looked beautiful when set under the lamp, with a simple flash of light.

I then added the objects in various compositions, using wine glasses, tea cups, watches, perfume bottles and shoes. All of these non-essential items represent the shallow nature of earthly goods in Vanitas paintings, and heighten the bleak sense of mortality and transience in the works.

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