Artist Inspiration – Adriana Varejao

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‘Folds 2’ (2003)



‘Blue tilework in live flesh’ (1999)


‘Tilework with live flesh’ (199)


‘Green telework in live flesh’ (2000)

Adrian Varejao is a dynamic Brazilian artist, and I am particularly inspired by her ‘Tounges and Incisions’ series, which I previously looked into last year. I find myself coming back to her work, as I explore various themes surrounding the mortality of the flesh of the body, because I believe her work so powerfully displays a sense of transience and action, a moment in which everything has fallen down, and the true nature of the human has been revealed through their fleshy form. I find Varejao’s works visually stunning, as she combines the textures of the body, with the sophisticated textures of the interior. There is a distinct rawness about Varejao’s work, as if the viewer has witnesses a defining moment that has damaged the structural integrity of a building, and all the secrets of the house have been revealed. This in turn provides a moment for the viewer to investigate the action, passively looking at the gruesome scene, at first detached, yet then connecting themselves to the inevitability of it all.

I am inspired particularly by Varejao’s use of a combination of textures, as she uses a mix of oil paint and polyurethane to create the differing aspects of the interior and bodily forms. With my own work focused on a combination of luxury and hysteria, which culminates in a rather explicitly visceral scene, I want to use the idea of the moment that Varejao creates within her work in order to slowly reveal the action of the flesh and gore slowly, building up the tension through a false sense of security which focuses on interior textures and atmospheres.

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