Group Crit Feedback

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In my group crit this week, I presented my story and accompanying slideshow to the group to gage their reactions on the progress of my project. I was particularly interested to see whether the theme of hysteria was overt or not, and wanted to understand how they perceived the slideshow in connection with the spoken narrative.

Personally, I believed that the story needed subtle polishing further, to make it slightly more poetic and gripping, but I was happy with the overall narrative arc of the story, and the way in which a connection had formed between violence of the hysterical act and the tenderness felt for the subject undergoing such turmoil. I wanted to add the slideshow in order to make the imagery more visceral to the audience, so I decided to use very vivid imagery, some of which directly connected to the story, and some of which was perhaps more nuanced in its connections. I wanted to understand whether the group thought that this combination of the tale and the obvious imagery worked to the favour of the narrative or against it.

The group approved of the story and the line of narrative, which I was very pleased with. I will however still continue to polish the story, in order to make the narrative sharper and more affecting.

In addition, the group commented that the imagery on the slideshow might be too overt and overpowering as it directly leads the audience to the imagery projected in the story. Therefore, they suggested making perhaps a more nuanced film, made with original footage, full of metaphors rather than distinct imagery. After having previously used found footage in my work so far this year, I am definitely interested in using forms of film where the imagery is wholly directed by myself. Some members of the group suggested perhaps using graphic media make-up to heighten the reality of the violence of the act of the woman immolating herself, and I think this would be interesting to cut to in between different lines of visual metaphors in the film. Another thing that was highlighted for me to consider, was the voice of the narrator of the story, as this would greatly impact the way the narrative was received by the audience. I will try to experiment with different voices this week in order to gain an idea of how I want the story to be told.

In the next stage of my process, I will try to look to more surreal or dark film makers and take inspiration from the way they portray violence, hysteria and emotional distress on screen. I will also plan to draw up a story board, thinking of various visual metaphors for the film.

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