Artist Inspiration – David Lynch

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The way that David Lynch approaches storytelling is sumptuous and surreal, beautiful in its imagery, yet callous in the underlying messages presented in his films. I am very inspired by the way that Lynch portrays violence, as he unravels it slowly, building a sense of almost erotic tension that needs to be released through an act of violence. The violence in Lynch’s work is always imminent, yet never fully present – a concept that makes many of his films so dynamic.

Blue Velvet (1986)

I am very inspired by the dichotomies that Lynch presents in his film ‘Blue Velvet’, violence is always sporadic and ingested quickly by the audience, who are at once horrified and excited by the overt sexual nature of the violence displayed. He uses metaphor frequently throughout the film, as images of picket fence suburbia on a brilliant sunny day suddenly transcend into images of ants all over a dismembered ear. This contrast is particularly exciting for me, and builds into the narrative a sense of the unexpected, as the viewer is pulled in and out of a place of security.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

I am very interested on the play on shifting narratives¬†within ‘Mulholland Drive’, as the shifting sense of temporality and truth disconcert the viewer. In this film, an investigation is carried out by the central female characters to understand one of their lost identities, and find out their origins and intentions as they have little memory of themselves. I am highly interested in the ability to forget as an act of defiant hysteria – as the unconscious will not allow the trauma to seep through into the conscious brain which strives for control and normalcy. In my own work, I would like to play upon shrouded scenes where an objective truth is never truly revealed, inspired by the work of Lynch.


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