Artist Inspiration – Katrina Palmer

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‘The Fabricator’s Tale’, 2016


‘The Fabricator’s Tale’, 2016

After hearing about Katrina Palmer’s work a few weeks ago in one of the artist’s talks, I wanted to revisit looking at her practice, as I have become increasing interested in using a narrative device within my work.

I am deeply inspired by the way that Palmer employs language within a space to redefine its representation. Through the narratives that she spins, the viewer’s perception of what is inhabiting the space around them is completely altered which is a notion I find incredibly interesting. With my previous research on language and hysteria, I find it interesting that the patriarchal form of language can be used, perhaps even manipulated by women to alter the vision of a place, space, time or moment to throw off the audience.

One particular work I am very interested in is ‘The Fabricator’s Tale’ (2016), in which a narrative was played whilst the viewer had to look through a small opening onto a scene within a room. The narrative started off as a list of objects, some were depicted and present in the sculpture, and others were absent, playing upon ideas of truth, when the full reality of the situation is not apparent to the eye of the viewer. However, the narrative mainly focuses on a woman who is trapped, and thus the audience becomes complicit in the entrapment of the woman, as through the inmate voyeuristic nature of the human, we look through the gap and further violate the sense of private space. I am very interested in this combination  between the audible and the visual, and would very much like to explore this further within my own work. I am also inspired by the role of audience as voyeur, and how this could affect someone during the throws of a hysterical act.


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