Summer Project Artist Inspiration – Jon Rafman

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After researching the 10 artists required for our Summer Project, I decided to base my work on the art of Jon Rafman. I was inspired by his innovate appropriation of elements of internet ephemera, as he never used a primary sources within his work. I was interested in using appropriated forms of information in my own work, as questionably, is anything every new in this postmodern culture, or are we simply a society who recycle and recycle previously created signs and forms of information. I was interested in the investigations that could form to try to find the information one was looking for on the internet, as one would delve deeper and deeper into more niche areas of the internet. In Rafman’s film ‘Mainsqueeze’, he explores the unique fetishisms of the internet through these appropriated sources, producing an interesting result of seemingly unrelated clips, which tell of the unique subcultures of the internet. At sometimes graphic, and at others shocking the video really does produce a unique sense of investigation, as Rafman explores the deep elements of the dark web and sites like Reddit to find his sources. In my own work, I aim to plan an investigation and use innovative forms of search to create a work complete dependant on pre-existing sources.

In addition, I am also inspired by Rafman’s computer-generated interior design works, as he directly pastes the work of other renowned artists from recent history over the entirety of the space. I find these works audacious in their proposition, as they debate the commodification and reproducibility of the supposedly unique and exclusive masterworks. In my own work, I would like to further explore elements of direct appropriation not just from internet sources, but also from other artists, completely reducing my practice down to a 21st century scavenger hunt, aiming to find the best sources for the intentions of the work I aim to produce.