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I am very inspired by the look of the 1990s and the early 2000s. It is a moment in recent cultural history which has just passed, so is part of the collective cultural memory as people remember vividly the styles and fashions of the era. However, it is also a period which aesthetically has not yet passed, as styles from the era are still somewhat present in society and life today. I am inspired the love of wealth that many celebrities and cultural icons exhibit, as they love to show off the designer items they own to the less fortunate, yet aspiring celebrity fans. The idea of these fans creating cheap imitations, upon pre-existing items, with cheaper materials, such as revamping a table into the style of excess and luxury, is the basis of my piece; I want to create a sculpture which states it is a cheap imitation, aspiring to the celebrity look of the recent past, and as such becomes a cultural artefact – endlessly past, yet in its ideas omnipresent. As such I plan to combine an aesthetic of the 1990s and early 200s, with that of a more traditional style. This dichotomy presented between the luxurious and the commonplace and traditional, will prove to be an interesting contrast, presenting the rift between the want for luxury and the means to achieve it. Visually, I am inspired by the 1990s love of leopard print and pink, and aim to use these colours heavily within my own work.



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