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More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid and the Wages of Sin‘ (1987)


Arena #7‘ (1990)


‘Memory Ware Flat #29‘ (2001)


‘Riddle of the Sphinx’ (1990)

Throughout this project, I have included a rug with my design, as I like the way it defined the space. But after looking at the work of Mike Kelley, I have decided to think on the presentation of the rug more, treating it as an art object in its own right. I am inspired by he way Kelley uses rugs, infused with kitsch elements of the everyday to create an amalgamated, rich aesthetic. I am also inspired by the way he uses objects to interact with the rugs, such as in ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’, where he situates stuffed animals under the rug, appearing hill like along the plane of the floor. In my own work, I plan to experiment with enhancing the rug, and making it an art object, as well as a method of display.


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