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Above are a series of photographs from Jeremie Egry’s recent work. I am very inspired by how Egry uses subjects from both natural and unnatural sources, as well as how he uses subjects from everyday, contrasted against subjects which are rare and precious (such as the apple/pear sat on top of the marble). With regard to material, I am very interested in how he wraps fruit in tin foil, concealing all its natural features and allowing its shape to take precedence, shining through with the mirror-like qualities of the foil. In my own work, I want to contrast ‘high’ and ‘low’ materials to create an excessive and brash look, and by using tin foil in a similar way to Egry, in order to cover up the table legs of my sculpture, it will provide an interesting mirror effect using a cheap material. At once the table legs will reflect the products surrounded by them, rendering them somewhat unseen until properly looking into the sculpture’s form.

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