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I Told You Once, I Told You Twice‘ (1977)


Bourgeois Bust – Jeff and Ilona’ (1991)


Christ and the Lamb‘ (1988)


‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’ (1988)


Couch (Kama Sutra)‘ (1991)


‘Ilona on Top (Rosa)’ (1991)

koons_009-045_Amore arch.tif

Amore‘ (1988)


I am very inspired by the work of Jeff Koons, and his particularly kitsch aesthetic. The dictionary definition of kitsch is, “art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.” I feel this sums up Koon’s work, as he uses pop culture motifs and a seemingly bric-a-brac aesthetic for his sculptures, with always the right hint of irony in the overwhelming brashness. Through his use of these brash aesthetics, he taps into a cultural consciousness and sentimentality, as many viewers will remember very similarly styled objects from their childhood. In my own work, I would like to evoke a sense of memory, through the use of common, easily found, yet luxurious looking fabrics.  I am particularly inspired by his work ‘Ilona on Top (Rosa)‘, as he uses a soft pink colour scheme and butterfly motifs to contrast against the sexual act being portrayed in the sculpture. I find the distinct questioning in this work very interesting, as the artist challenges the notion of sex as a demonising act, instead enforcing a sense of brashness due to modelling himself as the male. Furthermore, I am also very inspired by the soft pinks, yellows and then bright golds used in Koon’s early work, as they catch the eye in their glittering sensationally. The modern ‘fashionable’ aesthetic demands a much more toned down colour palette, but I would like to reinvigorate these pastel and metallic shades in my own sculpture, through the use of unconventional materials.

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