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‘More Blancmange’ (1988)


‘Dark Style Swan’ (1985)


‘Occurence on an Endless Column’ (1987)


‘The hole through which all things must pass’ (1987)


‘That Turangalila Symphony really rocks man’


‘The Mind of the Artist (Exposed)’ (2012)


‘The Embarrassment of Jimmy the Nail’ (2014)

I find Eric Bainbridge’s work fascinating as he mixed both abstract and representational shapes with garish excessive materials, contrasting the notion of the ‘high’ minimalist sculptures as they are adorned with faux fur and shapes of indistinct, yet noticeable animals. Clearly inspired by Modernist sculptor Anthony Caro and his toppling amalgam forms, Bainbridge has updated the simplicity of Modernist sculptures focus on material and shape, for the information age, overwhelming the look of his sculptures with rugs, bright colours and lots of fur. I am very inspired by Bainbridge’s work, as he takes references from recent artistic and cultural history to inform his works, much like I aim to do in my own sculpture to spark a sense of memory and sentimentality with the viewer. In addition, I am also very inspired by Bainbridge’s use of fur as an excessive, yet kitsch addition to his sculptures and I would very much like to include this within my own work. I see fur as an excessive, glamorous material, yet using faux fur, (as Bainbridge does, he finds his from second hand shops) creates an interesting contrast between the appearance of excess and wealth, and the appearance of cheap imitation – a contrast I deeply want to achieve within my own sculpture.

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