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Installation view, ‘The Collectors‘ (2009)


Installation view, ‘The Collectors‘ (2009)


Catch Me Should I Fall‘ (2008)


Irina‘ (2006)


Short Cut‘ (2003)


Prada Marfa‘ (2005)


‘Prada Marfa‘ (2005)


‘Prada Marfa‘ (2005)

I am very inspired by the work of Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset as they use the form of sculpture to comment on the moral value of wealth in contemporary society. They take inspiration from interior scenes, sometimes creating them with high quality finishes and a look of extensive luxury. These interior scenes are then subverted from the pleasure of the excessive interiors, through a subtle intervention within the room, creating a forboding feeling within the work, and making the viewer question the nature of the wealth that surrounds them within the room. I find these interior scenes, endlessly interesting as the viewer is let on into an familiar, yet unsettling world and in my own impossible sculpture I would like to recreate this feeling of impending action through the use of common or familiar aspects, such as furniture. In addition, I also find their work ‘Prada Marfa’ incredibly engaging, as the iconic building appears alone, almost lost in the vacant Texas desert. I like the idea of naturally decaying icon, as Prada Marfa has been left to fall naturally into disrepair through the elements of the desert. I also find the subversion of luxury in this piece incredibly interesting, as there is a sense of loneliness there – perhaps alluding to the loneliness of want over need. In my own impossible sculpture drawing, I will think on the site of the sculpture, and how this affects the conceptual notions expressed in the piece.

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