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‘Sofa In Black’ (2011)


‘Fountain of Light’ (2007)


‘Ghost Gu’ (2007)


‘Pusher, Cao’ (2014)


Surveillance Camera with Marble Stand‘ (2015)


‘Bicycle Chandelier’ (2015)


S.A.C.R.E.D‘ (2011-2013)

I find Ai Weiwei’s work endlessly fascinating, as he influenced by both modern and past cultures to create works which challenge the corrupt systems of his native China. The influence of Chinese cultural heritage can be seen throughout his work, and I am very interested in how he has used combined both ancient and recent collective cultural memory to incite very real emotions regarding the history of China through his subtle subversions to cultural artefacts. I am very interested in this idea of cultural memory, and in my own work I would like to use recent historical moments in art, fashion or culture to create a strange convergence of past, just past and present within my work. In addition, I am very inspired by Ai Weiwei’s use of incredibly high quality, high priced materials, such as marble, made to look like everyday objects from Weiwei’s life, such as ‘Surveillance Camera with Marble Stand’. These marble works present an interesting conflict between wealth and the everyday, as marble is inherently part of the Chinese artistic heritage, but is an element of wealth unaccessible to the everyday Chinese citizen. I am inspired by the deception of the material from the true subject of the sculpture, and would like to contrast elements of the ‘high’ quality material but ‘low’ everyday subject matter in my own work.

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