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For our first sculpture assignment we were tasked with creating an impossible sculpture, a sculpture which could never exist in ‘reality’ due to constraints of space, size, cost, material or time. The idea of the impossible sculpture stemmed from the ‘Colossal Monument’ proposals Claes Oldenberg created in the late 1960s, such as giant balls rolling down Fifth Avenue, toilet floats strewn across the Thames and a secret reef near Ellis Island which would cause incoming boats to sink upon impact, forming underwater hills of rusting cargo and ships. And through these imagined sculptures, the ideas would disperse among the population, transforming the imaginary into a semi-reality, as the ideas would always be thought of when passing or visiting that place. I am inspired by these proposals for ‘Colossal Monuments’ as Oldenberg has not confined himself within the limits of the usual public space monument; instead, he has invaded cities with his kitsch, ready-made designs for sculptures which would utterly transform the landscape. In my own impossible sculpture I will aim to set myself free from limiting factors, and much like Oldenberg, aim to reinvigorate the landscape with my proposal.



‘Proposed Colossal Monument for Ellis Island’


‘Proposed Colossal Monument for Battersea’


Proposed Colossal Monument, Fan In Place Of The Statue Of Liberty’


‘Proposed Colossal Monument for Park Avenue’




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