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As a group we were interested in using found-footage prank videos, as they depicted the intrusion of the private anonymity of the individual within a public space. They interrupt the actions of the individual making them visible to the wider public of the area, supposedly humorous, but often humiliating. In our film, we wanted to question the way humour is formed in these videos, and whether it is fair; as such, we decided to use a multitude of videos ranging from innocent and light-hearted to insulting and morally-questionable. We wanted the worst, most questionable pranks to be at the end of the film to allow a progression into the terrible. I am interested in this change of tone from humorous to awful, and we wanted to amplify this to the extreme at the the end of the film. We wanted to include ‘Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank‘ by Sam Pepper, as he nonconsensually groped random strangers in public, in a vehement exploitation of private space, and it was laughed off as a prank. Furthermore, we wanted to include Pepper’s ‘Best Friend Murder Prank’ as our ending video, as it was by far the most intense prank we’d seen and left the unknowing participant in a true state of distress.

Here are the final prank videos we decide to use for our film:

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