Prank Artist Research – Sam Pepper

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An often controversial figure, Sam Pepper is a ‘youtuber’ who creates vlogs and other prank related content on his youtube channel. Some of his pranks are relatively harmless, if not rudimentary such as the ‘Human Delivery Prank‘ and the ‘Old Man Trust Fall Prank’. However, some of his pranks go much further, arguably to an inappropriate level, such as the ‘Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank’ which caused controversy in 2014. In this video, Sam Pepper went around pretending to ask girls for directions, but then going on to pinch their bottoms whilst they were trying to help. This video went viral and was panned on various social media sites, as he glorifies sexual harassment which is blatantly wrong. We would like to include clips of this prank in our video as we were appalled at this act of interruption to a woman’s sense of physical privacy within the public environment, and we were even more appealed at how this was labelled as a ‘prank’ and was supposed to be funny.







We also included the video ‘KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK’ in our film, as this extremely contentious prank was by far the most horrific prank we had ever seen. Pepper, with the help of the best friend the prankee, convinced the prankee they had been taken hostage and his best friend was killed before his eyes. There was outrage after the release of this video, as many people thought it was completely traumatising for the victim involved in the prank. We wanted to include this prank in our video as we wanted to show a spectrum of pranks, ranging from the humorous to the horrific in order to question what the audience find funny, and the implications of this.

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