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White Snow Dwarf (Dopey #1)’ (2010)


Basement Bunker‘ (2003)


Tree‘ (2014)


WS’ (2013)


‘Piccadilly Circus’ (2003)


Santa Butt Plug’ (2007)


Piccadilly Circus‘ (2003)


Jack‘ (2002)


I am influenced by the work of Paul McCarthy as he uses a plethora of mediums, such as film, sculpture and performance as conduits for his critiques of modern social and political culture. He uses pop and celebrity motifs as a metaphor for the degradation of modern society, and I am very interested in using culturally familiar icons and altering them, such as with the ‘White Snow Dwarf Series’. In this series of works, the sculptures of these film icons which are ever-present in the cultural memory appear violently vandalised, crumbled and disfigured. In our own film we wanted to play with the public imagination, and question values of taste and humour, and I feel that a very interesting and challenging way to play with this is through the interruption of the shared cultural memory – tested through play with cultural figures or institutions. I am also very inspired by Paul McCarthy’s ‘Piccadilly Circus‘ works, made in collaboration with Damon McCarthy. In these works, contemporary figures such as George Bush, the Queen Mother and Osama Bin Laden appear in a mad play within an abandoned bank. This improvised work is shocking and frightening, as the figures appear to cut into one another’s heads in a madcap dance – McCarthy plays with the personalities of these figures in this work, making us challenge our preconceived ideas of how characters are portrayed, as every action is improvised play within this work. I like the idea of using improvisation in our own works, as I believe it produces a spontaneous and unpredictable reaction from the audience, as both the artist and the audience are not fully sure of what is coming next. In addition, I am also interested in this idea of play and jest, and how humour can be used to in fact disgust the audience, making them question their own actions and values.


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