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When creating our film, the first part of our group’s production was the audio. We wanted our video to have an unsettling feeling, as we were playing upon limits of a prank before it becomes inappropriate, terrifying or even morally unjust, and wanted the audience to question their actions or agreeable laughter to situations which violently interrupted the private space of the individual.

To create this unsettling feeling, we wanted to have a disjointed audio, which would at times converge and talk with the film, but would also taper off into its own narrative, separate from the picture. This creates an information overload for the audience, as waves of the visual and audio meet and then drift away, and the viewer has to try to focus on both or neither.

To create our audio, using the soundbooth, Jamie reeled off multiple pranks which we had previously researched online, varying from light-hearted to almost violent. Leah and I recorded the pranks, setting the levels and ensuring the sounds were recorded to a high quality. These sounds are now to be edited together to form a long stream, ranging from the humorous to the horrendous.

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