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Still from ‘Men’s Bathhouse‘ (1999)


Still from ‘Men’s Bathhouse‘ (1999)


Still from ‘Men’s Bathhouse‘ (1999)


Still from ‘Women’s Bathhouse’ (1997)


Still from ‘Women’s Bathhouse’ (1997)


I am particularly inspired by the work of Kataryzna Kozyra, especially her films ‘Women’s Bathhouse’ (1997) and ‘Men’s Bathhouse’ (1999). In ‘Women’s Bathhouse‘ Kozyra installed secret cameras within a bath house in Budapest, revealing the actions of women when they believe no one to be watching. As the audience becomes the voyeur of a very private, almost taboo scene, women are seen in a very natural condition. They are within the public sphere, but in their own very private comfort of being unseen – only ruptured by the viewer. Women are observed in this film for their unconscious actions and personal traits, and as such Kozyra encourages the viewer to go beyond the constructed, narrow standards of beauty and consider the role of the individual. In ‘Men’s Bathhouse‘ Kozyra disguised herself as a man to gain access to the male bathhouse and similarly secretly filmed the actions of the men in this setting. I am very inspired by these works as they build upon the theme of the intrusion of the private within the public domain that we are interested in for our film. Kozyra cleverly challenges the preconceptions of privacy and of the supposed actions of these individuals, allowing the viewer to be informed in their intrusion. In our own film, I would like to build upon this intrusion of the private, aiming at a disruption through trickery – much like in Kozyra’s work.

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