Painting Artist Inspiration -Vija Celmins

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Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

‘Untitled (Ham Hock)’ (1964)


‘Untitled (Knife and Dish)’ (1964)


‘Eggs’ (1964)


‘Heater’ (1964)


Vija Celmins’ work has inspired me through a clear sense of familiarity. As a viewer, I feel I can connect with the old fashioned, yet culturally resonant objects – I understand their nature and their purpose, and they connect multiple viewers to memories surrounding those particular objects. The atmosphere created in Celmin’s work also furthers the sense of memory, as in ‘Heater’ the warmth can be seen, almost grasped, heightening the senses. When thinking of objects surrounding death in my own work I will take inspiration from this sense of collective memory forged over familiar objects, thus creating a collective understanding of loss as these objects fade from social memory, much like a lost loved one.

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