Painting Artist Inspiration – Adriana Varejao

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‘Lozenge’ (1997)


‘Blue tilework in live flesh’ (1999)


‘Tilework with live flesh’ (199)


‘Green telework in live flesh’ (2000)


‘Folds 2’ (2003)


For further inspiration I looked to the work of Adriana Varejao, particularly works from her ‘Tounges and Incisions’ series. The conceptual writing from which my painting is based, although deeply upsetting, also paints a rather grotesque scene; I wanted to reference the human body within my work lending to this sense of gruesomeness, and I am interested in the disturbing nature of Varejao’s works which show the lucidity and rawness of the true human form void of pomp and fancy. Death is a homogonising force, and I wanted to create a visual que for the flesh in my work so the viewer could relate to the ugly and cruel nature of death in it most primal, attacking form. I feel that the sadness of the decaying flesh, lost with its objects will create a striking and thought-provoking work.

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