Propaganda Artist Insiration – Peter Kennard

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Photomontage. Maggie Thatcher cuts healthcare 1985


‘The Shove’ (2015)


From G8 poster series (2013)

Photo Op,kennardphillipps,2005,book repro file

‘Photo Op’ (2006)

Photomontage. Maragaret Thatcher pukes up the Welfare State

‘Thatcher pukes up the welfare state’ (1986)


Following the brief of creating a propaganda poster, I wanted to explore the work of artists that use well-known faces to show the abuse of power in society from the highest level, as I am interested in the disconnect between the idolisation of the powerful figure and their true, perhaps more ruthless natures. This is a primary theme in Peter Kennard’s work as he uses renowned political figures, and highlights the injustices of their policies, revealing their unadulterated selves through the use of photomontage.

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